The Effect of Gamified Teamwork on Team Members’ Engagement - An Experiment on Idea Generation

Polina Trusova


A new method supposed to increase team members’ engagement during teamwork is gamification. Due to the novelty of gamification, its possible effects on team members’ engagement were not fully investigated yet. The present study aims to reduce this research gap and to test an assumption based on flow theory that gamified teamwork increases participant’s engagement. Engagement was operationalized as the speaking time and the turn-taking frequency during a discussion. 139 students divided in 57 teams were asked to imagine themselves to be a management team of a young innovative enterprise. 29 teams were randomly assigned to the experimental and the rest to the control condition. All teams completed the task to generate solutions for the problems presented in a case study, while their discussion has being recorded. Surprisingly, no differences in engagement were found between the experimental and the control condition. The findings and limitations are discussed.

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