The Development of Web Based Application for Visual Novel Engine Prototype: Variant Of Text Based Game

Mario Christoper Varo


As of the modern age, younger people have accepted products of technological advancements at the expense of literature. As such, both literacy rate amongst the young and the existence of folklore may enter the status of jeopardy. Libraries, for instance, have become relatively obsolete in the face of modern entertainment. However, technological advancement allows the creation of literature in the format of a game that can become engaging. One of such examples is through a visual novel. Visual novel is a variation of text-based games which became mainstream in Japan. However, it became famous recently due to overtopping multiple major gaming industry franchise in the online game market. As such, the author decided to implement this method of literature to solve the problem which currently plagues both folklore and literacy at this moment by implementing modern web frameworks which include Firebase, AngularFire, and Ionic to create a visual novel engine.

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